Planet earth is warming due to human activities. If you object to that, don’t bother reading any further. Instead, read this summary of conclusive evidence from nasa of the above stated fact, and come back later. Society is facing a hard but not impossible challange to reduce our emissions substantially within the coming decades. We have decided to not let that happen. Beyond changing our own lives to to reduce emissions, we will dedicate our time and knowledge to help and inspire others to realize the gravity of this situation and to implement necesary changes to save human life on this precious planet that we share.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

The image above shows the 17 global goals concluded by the UN as the order in which to make the world sustainable. We do have this conclusion as our starting point to decide what to do in our own effort to make the world sustainable. We have decided based on our location in Sweden that our most proficient contribution can be done to goal no. 13. To combat global warming.

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